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Academy Introduction

Academy of Advanced Interdisciplinary Research

The Academy of Advanced Interdisciplinary Research (AAIR) of Xidian University (hereinafter referred to as “AAIR”) was founded in 2018.

Targeting the frontiers of world science and technology, striving to fulfill the major needs of China, benefitting people’s lives and health and serving the main economic battlefield, AAIR takes “the incessant exploration of new fields” as our guiding principles. In accordance with the basic idea of “Problem Orientation”, we adopt the organizational structure of “Core + Periphery”, explore development paths actively, innovate systems and mechanisms, and build an innovative special zone for “Organized Scientific Research” in Xidian University. Adhering to solving substantive interdisciplinary problems and relying on the advantages of electronic information disciplines, AAIR tends to develop frontier and interdisciplinary directions, promote the cross integration of different disciplines, build multi-disciplinary culture, and promote the in-depth development of interdisciplinary research. Combining the “Red Gene” with the “Open Gene”, we dedicate to creating a frontier interdisciplinary “Special Talent Zone”, to further enhance the core competitiveness and international influence of Xidian University, and also promote to build Xidian as one of the world-class universities, in order to make unique and leading contribution with Xidian characteristics to serving national needs, as well as industries and regional economic and social development.

AAIR has established several research centers, including: Quantum Information, XF-IJRC, Advanced Remote Sensing, Extreme Sensing, Space Solar Power Station System, Flexible Electronics, Smart Sensor, AI and Security, Advanced Optics and Perception, Piezotronics, AI-based Big Medical Imaging Data, Intelligence-Aided Teaching, Advanced Medical Theranostics, Language in Cybersecurity, Thin Films and Coatings for Device Applications etc., bringing together a high-level talent team consisting of academicians from Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering, internationally renowned scholars, national leading talents in innovation, and young scholars.


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